International Manufacturing Experience

The combination of an experienced locally lead team and the best of the international manufacturing alliance partners, KFI delivers you the very best outcomes with product quality. We have demanding quality assurance standards that are managed and overseen by our international design and engineering team, working along with our international alliance partners that have state-of-the-art fabricating equipment, delivering manufactured outcomes to the highest possible standards.

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Precise Fabrication

Our manufacturing partners are selected to meet the product category, volume, warranty and maintenance/servicing requirements for each bespoke project. Driven by a refreshing combination of smart thinking and unwavering commitment to quality, the team at KFI (King Façade International) deliver superior construction solutions through-out New Zealand.


Conceptual and Detail Design of Façade Elements


Structural calculation and Analysis


Performance & Visual Testing

Mock up


Manufacture according to specification requirement


Site Installation by professional & qualified working team