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Geyser Building - Auckland

In 2010, King Facade was challenged to design and construct the façade for Geyser Building; New Zealand’s first 6 Star design rating.

The project includes 5, 3 storey buildings designed with innovative features and products that combine to achieve energy efficiency.

The bespoke frameless twin skin façade consists of internal laminated Low-E glass, top hung frameless manual sliding doors with laminated glass fins connecting to the operable outer skin.

The outer skin consists of fixed and pivoting frameless glass panels which electronically open and close, controlling the environment inside the cavity

The 5 buildings are then seamlessly linked by low iron screen printed glass to lifts, walkways and stairs.

Products Used

  • Bespoke low iron screen printed glass

  • Bespoke internal laminated low-E glass

  • Laminated glass fins

Project Details

Mainzeal Property and Construction

Samson Corporation

Patterson Architects Ltd.

March 2012