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KFI were invited to design, manufacture and install a curtainwall solution for the conversion of a 6 level oval shaped commercial building into a 15 level apartment building, which was considered (and preferred) alongside a traditional cladding and punched window solution.

Designed and delivered alongside Summit Construction, PBA and Aurecon, the final solution involved a modified mullion to our existing 200mm unitised curtainwall, installed on a 3 way adjustable bracket system to accommodate what were large inconsistencies in the existing structure.

Balconies were protected with a custom designed frameless glass balustrade and access to these is via our High Rise Sliding Door system that were installed into timber framed openings.

The adjacent structure connecting the sliding doors to the curtain wall was covered in a rigid air barrier and had a 3mm solid aluminium panel installed over the face.

Inter tenancy balcony screens were provided in a 20mm powdercoat honeycomb panel to match the rest of the façade.


  • KFI 200mm Unitised Curtain Wall

  • KFI High Rise Sliding Door System

  • 3mm Solid Aluminium Panels



CLIENT: Saint Martins Limited

ARCHITECTS: Paul Brown Architects

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